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Strategic Systems

Time Tested Systems For Every Division

Operating your property management company with complete systems create efficiencies, reduce overhead, and drive growth in your business. Greatest reward of all, Have A Life

Included with Systems Platform:

  • Leasing Division
  • Accounting Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • Marketing Division
  • New Accounts Division
  • And More…


All Systems Are Scaleable so you can grow at your own pace

Whether you want to have a portfolio of 100 doors or 1000 doors, Management One Solutions was created for you. Each system is easily adaptable to your size company. 

Reporting Solution

Know the performance of your business, on-demand and in a snap.

More than 100 different built-in Reports designed to give you a snapshot from any aspect of your business. These reports examine every facet that affects your business, whether it is finances, rent roll, vacancies, leasing performance, sales/new accounts performance, maintenance, resident violations, notices, etc. These reports are built-in to effectively indicate how your time is best spent and how your business is performing, based on preset targets and benchmarks.

CRM Internal Functionality

Managing a Prospect and converting them to an existing client has never been easier.

There is no need for duplication or file transfer from any external Customer Relationship Management Software.  You can manage all your Prospective Calls & Follow-up Processes through to Conversion, right in the software itself. In the M1 Solutions Software, Creating the Client file from a Prospect file is just one click away.

File Management

Keep your files organized and your staff on the same page with our Notepad Feature.

Each file has a Notepad to timestamp and record Notifications, updates, communications, and correspondences as they relate to the file. Spend less time trying to catch up by simply picking up where the notes left off, with this feature.

Website Syndication & Vacancy Posting

Activate your Rental Listing, the moment your tenant gives you notice.

Each Property file has a preset section to save a marketing description, list of amenities and photos which can be made live and syndicated to your website simply by changing its rental status. Similarly, price changes can be made in the M1 Solutions Software and automated to change on your website. This not only saves you time, but it also allows you to use your time more wisely.

Maintenance Solutions

Improve communication with Residents and Vendors

Increase productivity and communication with the maintenance system. Learn how to hire vendors, train them on using online portals. Create an efficient and functional mobile office. With this dynamic maintenance system you will save money on labor, gas costs and increase productivity. 

Online Portals

 Achieve streamlined communication with your Owners, Residents, and Vendors

With the convenient 24-hour online portal access; to files, statements, reports, payments, request, and updates. Proper Communication and Access can address many concerns without delay and can often time resolve the need for direct office contact, simply by providing this portal access.

Acquiring Management Companies

Learn how to acquire other management companies with this time tested system. 

 This system will teach you how to solicit, analyze and purchase other management companies that are looking to leave the property management field. This system will also demonstrate how to apply these same principles to purchase doors from Real Estate agents. This system is the fastest way to grow your management company. 

Coaching, Training, and Support

Onboarding and continued support for 5 years

When you purchase Management One Solutions Platform you are provided coaching, training, and support for 5 years. 

  • Personal Onboarding Coach
  • Weekly Coaching during the first 90-days
  • Bi-weekly meetings during next 90-days
  • Access to entire support team

We Are In The Market

Parent Company still operates in the Market  

Management One Solutions has and will have, our parent property management offices so we’re in the market with you. This gives you an edge as we will always be out front of others with updated processes, systems, and software, as the market changes over the years.

Management One Solutions Gives You The Systems You Need

Systems increase productivity, bring stability to your company and allow you to work “on” your business instead of in your business. Systems allow you to take a 3 week vacation and NEVER call the office. I know I’ve done it several times. 

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