Why Systems?

Are You Struggling To Put All The Pieces Of Systems Together?

Definition Of Systems

What Are Systems And Why Do You Need Them

The technical explanation of what a system is:

 A System is a group of related parts that move or work together. A set of detailed methods, procedures, and routines created to carry out a specific activity or workflow to complete a task.

Much like McDonald’s while they have software to manage their operations, they have systems on how to cook a hamburger, for how long to cook it if you want it rare, medium or well done and exactly what goes on the hamburger bun first, second, etc. and how it’s wrapped. This is what is considered a “SYSTEM.”

Do you feel nobody else in your business understands property management “Systems” – or how it can be integrated with property management software?

Are you struggling to get started with systems that would help you run your company more efficiently and reduce your labor cost all year long? Would you like to get major results from creating New Systems,  but just don’t know how to pull it all together?

This. Is. Normal.

Heck, you may be experiencing these too:

  • You feel like a firefighter just putting out fires in your company every day
  • Just trying to get through the day and still get home to have a life with your family.
  • How to find time to create new systems then creating training manuals around the systems and then actually implement them and stay on track – without wasting money on systems that you don’t know will even work.
  • Understanding the value of specific, time-tested systems with integrated property management software that will set you apart from your competitors.

But if you’re visionary – an outlier within your space – you want more. You want to become THE trusted source for your space. You want to be able to manage more properties per person to pay your people more and for you to make more. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Life – and work – can quickly become an ongoing competition for your time and attention – one that many of us rarely win. You’re just left feeling overwhelmed by all of the pieces and how to efficiently put them together in a cohesive plan that you can follow week in and week out.

I firmly believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why Are Property Management Systems So Important?

People love to know they can count on something, that makes them feel secure since they know what the outcome will be. Using McDonald’s as an example, their food tastes the same in New York, LA, Hong Kong or Australia. Why? Because of the systems.

When people know, they can count on something they keep coming back just like you and your kids may have for 40 years to McDonald’s and that creates brand loyalty. But it’s even better than that. Systems retain customers, increases revenue and reduce marketing cost for a property management company and in some cases, reduces it all together so this is what “SYSTEMS” can do for a property management company.

At the NARPM National Associations Realtors Property Management conventions the number one topic has been Systems. In order to grow, have scalability and maintain quality customer service, systems are essential.

How Are Great Systems Created?

It Doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and decades to test and perfect each system. But it starts with taking just one process like leasing a property:

  • Create a process
  • Create a system around the process
  • Link All your individual systems together as one system
  • Link All To Your Software

Now you have a complete property management systems and software systems working together as one, slashing cost, create super efficiencies in operations, managing more properties with the same staff up to 100 doors or more per staff member when fully trained and implemented.

It allows you to leave for 3-4 weeks at a time, know that systems are running the company, and your staff is running the systems. Systems don’t break down. Most companies have the staff running your company, maybe this is you, but we can fix it if it is for you.

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