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Yes, you can!  It’s comparable to the 8 major competitors out there in features and modules. In many cases, we have advanced features that they don’t have. Nevertheless, they are all good companies to consider.

The biggest difference with our software compared to others is we build the property management systems first, then we write the software to match it. Most people think that property management software is the silver bullet and of course, if you have a property management company now you know that’s not the case.

In fact, in all cases, you find yourself creating Excel spreadsheets to keep things your software provider didn’t think of. With us that doesn’t happen as we put the horse first, systems and then add, the cart, software. When you have it opposite it doesn’t work well, nor is it very efficient when you have the cart in front of the horse, right?
Unfortunately, no, since the software manages our property management systems. Much like McDonald’s software manages their systems. Before we wrote the software, we had hundreds of excel spreadsheets.

Those who have purchased our property management systems find just one or two of the revenues streams we share with them more than pays for our property management systems.
Normally 90-180 days but depends greatly on two things.
1. Having one person dedicated to implementing all they systems. 
2. Following all the training during Onboarding.
Most states require a Real Estate Broker or Agent License. Some states require you to have a property management license, other states you don’t need any licenses, so it varies. It is best to check with your State Board to determine what is needed.
Yes, we have a 90-day onboarding process. You will be assigned a coach, that you will meet with each week. They will give you a track to run on and guide you through each step. For the next 90 days, your will meet with them on a scheduled appointment time every other week.